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So how does JOHNNY PUNISH make money online selling music?


by Johnny Punish


Well, over the last 3 years since I went solo DIY making my own music and backing it up with online marketing, I have learned many lessons on what and what does NOT work.  Right now, I share these thoughts here with you in hopes that you too can take what you want and keep what you need to help yourself have online success.

But first, take a moment to read this article on the FUTURE OF THE MUSIC BIZ.   It will give you a perspective on where this whole thing is going.


Since I am an online music artist and will remain so for this year and next, I stick with the online niche.  I really don’t play live much because I live in a rural area and don’t funding to tour.    Of course, I am fully aware of the value of touring, it’s just something that’s not in the cards for me…..so I stick with online marketing.


For my stuff, mostly I am working the REVERBNATION.COM site

When submitting a record, it goes out to all the major and indie digital retailers and music aggregators like MEDIANET (they put music on DirecTV Satellite and stuff like that).  So it makes it easy to get the music out using their digital distribution services.

CDBABY.com does the exact same thing.  Although, if you only have 1 single to promote, CDBaby.com is better.  It only costs $ 13.   Reverbnation.com is about promoting a full record. They are very much alike.

More Marketing:  I am using RADIOAIRPLAY.COM and MUSICSUBMIT.COM.  Both have gotten results for me.


I spend about $ 30 a month on RadioAirPlay.com, formerly Jango.  And that gets me targeted radio play with feedback.  With that I can see which songs resonate with the public and then I can decide which song on my record to put the majority of my resources on.  It’s kind of like an A&R marketing research department.  You pay a few bucks to get your songs heard on radio.  And you get feedback on who’s listening, comments, etc….it helps in figuring out your very best songs to market.  And that’s a good thing for limited resource DIY guys like me.


For $ 210, they send out to 1000 radio stations.  It’s worth it. They get results and its’ much better than me managing the list and send outs.  They do all that work…..so a good investment.


I have a private list of COLLEGE RADIO and others I submit to…..it’s free and it helps. 


Millions go to YouTube.com to find and listen to music.  So it’s critical to have a channel for one’s music.  I post all my music on YouTube.com.  Usually, I just post a photo and the song….that’s NOT perfect and definitely limits the hits.  But I don’t have time to make compelling music videos for each my songs.  So this is the next best thing.  However, I do aim to do at least 2 music vids per record.  I try to make them compelling either with political messages, hot chicks, or something funny….that’s what gets hits.  My number 1 vid has over 260,000 hits and it was a political thing.


I have a few channels where I post articles on the issues of the day….from money to international foreign policy at places like VeteransToday.com and MoneyNewsNow.com.

At the end of each post, I always put links to my sites and stores. But more importantly, I post a widget where readers can click and listen or watch my vids right there on the post.

Here’s an example of the widget I use…..

Band website template

I often get comments like …..”great article and oh, I love your music too”.  Associating myself with compelling high traffic sites really helps.

If you have any questions on how I market my music or how you can better market your music or even you have some great suggestions for me, send me some feedback….or just post some comments here below.





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