2016 Presidential Debate Analysis – Clinton vs. Trump 3 – Johnny Punish Show

Issue Driven Debate ends with Trump Political Nuke On American Democracy and a Nasty Woman. In 3 weeks, unlucky Hillary or Trump will be leading a broken nation fractured by corruption and cultural differences we have not seen since 1860. Now What? Listen Up!

Host Johnny Punish goes deep to explore the 3rd and final U.S. Democrat/Republican debate with intense and articulate political underground operative and self appointed defender of the public good, the one and only master of the art bass, Mister Mike Henry.

Henry is former host of the Veterans Today Live late night show “Goodnight America”.   A supporter of Dr. Jill Stein, Henry is able to objectively get into the face of Wiki Hillary and Stop & Frisk Trump without trying to defend or justify his vote.  What ensues is a deeper than MSM conversation that indicts the whole system while searching for the blue sky.

So get into it.


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