Gov. Mark Sanford: The Party Of Moral Superiority Strikes Again

June 24, 2009

Governor Goes AWOL while the Republican Moralizing Collapses Into the Dustbin of Hypocrisy

by Johnny Punish

VeteransToday.com Today we found out Gov. Sanford from South Carolina was out “sparking” in Argentina with some hot tart latina over the Fathers Day weekend.  Yeah, apparently his wife had no clue where he was.  Yes, this is same Gov. Sanford who called for the resignation of former Rep. Bob Livingston’s head  for cheating on his wife.

Opps, I wonder if he’s going to resign?  NOT!

Well, let’s see….hum?  Um, the party of moral values and super patriots keep telling us that we, those who do not subscribe to their superior party, are less than yet they keep throwing us John Ensign, Larry Craig, and others who keep trotting out in front the cameras apologizing for their infidelities.

Yeah, then they go back to work as if nothing happened all the while calling for the heads of non-republicans who engage in “sparking”.  Idiots!

Look, I don’t care what Gov. Sanford does with his personal time and his personal life nor do I care what Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, or for that matter, Barack Obama does with his personal time.  It’s not my business and it should not be yours either!

Moreover, it’s not their business what I do with my personal time either.  I mean, I am sick and tired of these jerk-offs telling us how morally inferior we are to them while they go “sparking” behind closed doors and getting the good respectful people of America to buy their morally superior snake oil.

For one, I am NOT going to come out as a heterosexual because it’s not the goverment’s business.  Nor if I choose to have a mistress, maybe even with the support of my spouse, will I come out and announce.  It’s just not anyone’s business.  Stay out of my freakin bedroom you jerk-offs! In this light, I don’t think it’s our business if Gov. Sanford want’s to spark it up with a hottie in Spanish.

What is are business is how did Gov. Sandford paid for his “sparking” trip to Argentina?  Was it paid for by the people?  If so, that’s impeachable NO-NO!  And shouldn’t Gov. Sandford, as a public servant, keep staff informed of his whereabouts just in case of a state emergency?  To this writer, those are the real issues, not his personal life.

If he broke the trust of the people, then he needs to be impreached.

If not, let him go back to work because if he’s doing a good job than that needs to be the extent of our judgement on him.  As for his “sparking”, that’s between his wife and him unless, you the reader, are considering a 3rd party party with the good governor! LOL!  Stop yelling!  That was joke you jerk-off!  Get a life!

Look, we all know the Republican’s are morally bankrupt.  Their unrealisitic moralizings are collapsing under the weight of their hypocrisy. It’s time they drop the moral superiority thing and join the rest of us in the land of reality.  Then, maybe we can all see a clearer path to their vision for governing in 21st Century America.

Memo to the Government:  Stay out of our personal lives and we will stay of out of yours!

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