Columbus Day, An American Holocaust or Day to Celebrate?

October 12, 2009
Should we be celebrating the exterminations of a culture and people?
Are we just another group of DIRTY PITCHERS?
by Johnny Punish
VeteransToday.com  Happy Columbus Day!  It’s the day Europe discovered America.  Or if, you’re an indigneous native, it’s the darkest day in history. It’s the day the end of a people and culture began its extermination.  Should we be celebrating this day?Follow me for a moment….
Today, I received a note from a reader saying the European Jewish Holocaust basically never happened.  No it was NOT from Iranian President Ahmendinajad. It was from a fellow american.  I was really mad because I am getting tired of a denial peeps who are just looking for any reason to deny a human tradegy to fit their own nice and neat political ends.  Not cool at all people!
Okay, maybe it was NOT 6 million who were exterminated. 1 million?  4 million?  Does it matter?

Look, it did happen and this kind of thing is something we should all stand against at the highest levels of our humanity. Don’t ya think?  I mean, a massacre of one human needs to be condemned, let alone hundreds of thousands or millions.

Maybe the acrimony by my fellow American over this Europen Holocaust is triggered by how, over the years, the “Zionist” marketing machine has utilized this event in the advancement of their political agenda; especially in United States of America.

I mean, the Armenian Genocide was far worse. Yet, in America, there is virtual no knowledge of this event.  Armenian genocide?  What’s that? 20 million? 10 million dead, exterminated?  Who knew?

The surving Armenians did NOT rise up to this challenge and bring it to the corridors of power.  Thus, it’s virtually a forgotten footnote in history. Sucks to be them right?

What I do find very interesting is the way the Zionists have turned America into their own engine that promotes their agenda and does so willingly without qualification; they really have been the tail that wags the biggest dog.  That’s shrewd.

Personally, I find what the Zionist have accomplished over the last 60 plus years very successful and very effective. It’s probably the greatest accomplishment by a very small group in the history of the world.  Yes, even better than what Chris Columbus and his “great discovery” brought to the Indians of North America.

Lets think on how american public opinion has been molded by the Zionist policial machine.

Check this out….in the last 60 years, we’ve seen the phrase “Anti-Semite” thrown around as a phrase that envokes an “Your anti Jewish, Against the Holocaust” feeling when, in fact, a SEMITE is a person from the culture and tribes of Pan-Arabia.  Arabs are semites. Arrabs are made of pagans, jews, christians, and moslems.  When did this catch phrase become exclusively anti-jew?  This is great marketing at it’s very best. Who’s running the Zionist show, the head of Coca-Cola or some AIPAC lobby group in Washinging D.C.?  Gotta love it.

Look, the genocide against the European Jewish people occurred in Germany, Poland and the surrounding states.  It did NOT occur in Palestine.  So why punish people that nothing to do with this “genocide”?

It’s clear that, like us, the people of Columbus, the Zionists displaced the indigenous peoples of Palestine using the Holocaust as it’s key “coup-de-gras” gambit along with their main claim to religioius ownership based on some “promised land” non-sense to market themselves in America and gain American public support while they courted and cajoled in our corridors of power.  This is now a historical fact and continues to this day.

This is why we jump when the Zionists come calling and we look the other way when Amernians demand their recognition.

They own our public opinion along with our power brokers living at the Foggy Bottom.

Every political entity seems to be marketing their agenda using religion, falsehoods, or real events that are twisted to fit their ends.  I like to call them “The Dirty Pitchers”, those who sell without regard for ethics, integrity, or the human condition.

They all do it….yep, the Iranian guy does it but so do we.  Let us not throw stones at the Iranian President for making up stuff to fit his game plan since we do it as well.  We just do it better don’t ya think?

Look, from one end, the Zionist tactics are to be admired  On the other side, is to be condemned at the highest level because they are doing, what in effect, exactly what Christopher Columbus did over time and in many ways, what Adolf Hitler tried to do in Europe.  The only difference is that Zionist are much more smart then that fool Hitler. They are doing it an measured way, step by step. over time.  Much fore effective….much like we did to the Native Indians.

In the end, to the victor goes the spoils and the both the Zionists and the European Invaders of North America, our decendants, played the right hand and won this battle. As they say, the winners write the history books and control the public opinion.


So let us celebrate Columbus Day.  We won the battle  We are the victors and its’ our day to enjoy.

As for my angry fellow American friend who wants to deny the Holocaust, well, have a cold beer, shut up, and assimilate because if you don’t, you too could end up someday like those poor innocent people who were on the wrong side of the gun, just trying to work, eat, and feed your family while the bulldozers driven by  psychotic predators rolled into town.

It’s amazing world we live in……isn’t it?  

“Hey honey, it’s Columbus Day, put some of that bloody red meat on the skillet. And where’s my huge baked pototoe with butter, bacon, and sour cream? I am hungry dammit!”
I would appreciate your comments on this issue.  So grab a vine and swing in.


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