POEM: Off to World War III

October 22, 2009

by Johnny Punish (7-21-2006)

America and the Global a Go-Go
Where liberty was once the dream
Her People No Longer Question
Goose-Stepping, know what I mean?

So are we with her or against?
Stabbing Freedom Red
And a patron who gives applause
While Liberty Beaten Dead

Clash and Kill are we
Quoting Religious Script
Eat our Oil Food
Is this our tale from the crypt?

America, once a beacon for all
In a world gone mad
Is that our carcass in the street
Or have we all been had?

It’s a Hijack of the people
By the Peddlers of the Fear
Where peace is not a goal
Haven’t ya heard? It’s the New World Order dear!

Marhaba, its Armageddon Time
A do or die they say
Where might is right and peace is wrong
Shalom Cowboy F-15 Pull Make My Day!

So kill your neighbor and his children too
Drop a Bomb, no consequence on you.
And as your legend grows
The feared one you shall be
Pack it up Soldier, You’re on!
It’s off to World War III

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