Should We Blame Obama for the Loss of the 2016 Olympics to Brazil?

October 2, 2009
Right Wing Extremists Blame Chicago loss on Obama
Olympic bid hurt his efforts on issues such as health care, war, Veterans?


by Johnny Punish

VeteransToday.com WASHINGTON – OK, so it is only the Olympics. But the failure of the USA to win the games for Chicago could feed negative narratives already nipping at heels of U.S. President Barack Obama; that he is a better talker than deal closer, more celebrity than statesman.

And this could hamper his efforts on weightier issues like health care, climate change, war, and of course Veteran issues.Despite Obama’s fabled charm and powers of persuasion, his in-person plea for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Games fell flat. No doubt the right wing jerk-offs are going to pounce on it and blame it Obama.  What a bunch of idiots!

Not being a right wing nut or a left wing crazy, I have the luxury of calling it what it is; a loss for the USA.

Obama has been in office for less than 1 year.  We just didn’t begin our collective failure a few months ago….no way!  This decline started almost a decade ago! One can argue, even further than that!  Deal with it!

The animosity and failure of the USA did NOT happen magically on Obama’s election day.  Hell no….that’s what the fools and reactionaries at Fox News and their moronic followers will scream starting tonight and all night! “See, we told you…we told you…Obama is a bum” blah blah blah….

What is sick about this whole episode is that the USA is really falling behind.
This is no joke.  We messed up big time!

But it did NOT start with Obama so ignornantly blaming him for this loss is silly, pathetic, and frankly the reason, that if we do NOT really be honest with ourselves, that we will fall further into a hole until we end up at the bottom.

It’s purely simple….we were arrogant and we got beat on almost every front while the world past us by, we thought we were in first place. And it turns out, we’re not even the ugly bridesmaid.

Like a burnt client in business, it’s extremely difficult to bring that client back in to the fold.  The world was burnt by our reaction to 911 and the Bush years of arrogance without conseqence.  This will take decades to fix, not a few months.  Please end the arrogance people!  It’s killing us!

Bad Governance married with arrogance is a forumla for failure!

We’re the collective idiots in the room pointing fingers at each other while the other guy in the corner is laughing at us.  We’re an embarrassment! !

So please don’t fall into the stupid trap of blaming one guy for this mess.  It’s us who screwed up and we did this to ourselves.

Yes, it will take us a generation to bring us back to a competitive player but that’s what we get for our years at the top thinking we were untouchable.

Now, lets’ stop pointing fingers and fix it.
Let’s compete on every level now!.



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