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The Flat World has Landed on the Heads of the U.S. People

October 31, 2009

by Johnny Punish

What’s really going in the USA and it’s economy…’s simple!  THE FLAT WORLD AS ARRIVED!

Consider this flow of work…..

  1. An unamed job board exclusively servicing the U.S. job market  just bought its’ new PHP canned script from a script provider based in Biskek, Kyrgyzstan
  2. For configuration and testing, the script was uploaded to a server in Singapore.
  3. The custom coding work was done by a PHP coder living and working in Nagpur, India
  4. The owner of the site is based in Mexico.

So when companies from USA purchase job posts, the money flows directly into Mexico, the to India and on to Biskek Kyrgystan.  The monies are now outside the USA filtering into the economies of many countries.  The american worker?  Consider the irony that we are discussing a job board for U.S. workers.  Interesting ya think?

In the old days, 100% of this work would have been kept exclusively in the USA.
Not anymore.  And that’s the real story.

The USA has not yet completely figured out that it now lives in the global economy.
Instead, they are trying to mask it with financial bailouts and hiding this truth from the USA populace.

They’ve lost their competitive edge on so many levels and still think the problem is NOT them.

I suspect that by the time the USA wakes up from it’s long arrogant sleep, it will have lost much ground in the global competitive game.

Their standard of living will have to go down as others rise up.  This is a natural occurence when one inputs the natural laws of economy, man, and evolution.  And such is life in the competitive big world we live in.

Have a Great Global Competitive Day!

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