Recording Artist Angela Alegna Sends Heartfelt Merry Christmas Card to All U.S. Military Veterans

December 18, 2009
Angela Alegna Delivers Music Christmas Card for the Troops
My America’s New Music Hero for 2010 is Angela Alegna
by Johnny Punish

After living twelve years in Ireland, Angela Alegna has come home to America in order to campaign on behalf of our returning Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan who are finding it difficult to reintegrate back into society.

With, Angela just delivered her lovely Christmas Card for our Troops. 

This video blew me away. And when I checked her out, I was even more amazed to learn how deeply Angela is dedicated to the cause of our Veterans.  She’s an unbelievable talent with the heart of a lionness.  Who is this lady?Her songs stand so powerful that they are haunting, you know the kind that give you goose bumps and land you on the floor because you know what she’s saying is true and from the heart.  Angela stands for our Veterans and troops at highest level of artistic consciousness.





Anglea says “Veterans are faced with a host of problems and need the support of their fellow citizens when they come home just as much as when they are fighting the kind of daily battle that none of us could ever imagine”.
As Angela tours the country, she is working hard to make people aware of the plight of our returning troops; her goal being to make sure this new generation of Veterans do not suffer the same fate as those from Vietnam.
Angela hopes to inspire everyone across America to do what they can for this worthy cause.  She is convinced that they reason these brave young men and women are faced with hardship is the greater population is unaware.

Angela has pledged ALL of her earnings in the next year to our returning Veterans.  She has complete deterimination and resolve to make a difference to this issue.

“This is NOT a political issue. It is a moral obligation to be there for these young men and women when they come home. If the community had gottaen involved 30 years ago following Vietnam there wouldn’t be 300,000 homeless Veterans on the streets today.  If we work together now we can spare this generation the same fate” says Angela Alegna.

I urge you to check out her music. Please contact her. Invite to play concerts wherever she can.  Get the freakin mass media involved.  Heck, someone call Simon Cowell and get American Friggin’ Idol to get her on the biggest stage ever!

I am sick and tired of watchin mindless lip syncing artists give us canned garbage.  Its’ time for America to change it’s own culture now!  And with artists like Angela, we can do it.  Angela is a true American Idol in deed and we need to give Angela and her like the microphone now!

Thank You Angela, we all truly thank you.  From my military family, we all wish you a Very Merry Christmas. And God Bless You!


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  1. Beware of Angela Alegna/Monna Barrett/America Helping Heroes. This is a bigtime scam.

  2. Apologies to America Helping Heroes. This is a legitimate organisation. The one to be wary of is actually someone who is pretending to be Help for Heroes. I am not sure if Help for Heroes is also the name of a legit charity.

  3. hello.

    i am a rare manuscript and book dealer in toronto canada and have acquired some personal effects of ms. alegna.

    do you have contact with her?

    if yes, could she please be forwarded this email to contact me about getting these items back to her.

    thanks in advance for any help.

    best regards,

    ben katz

  4. You are right, it is a scam. they use the money to live on and have a luxurious lifestyle.
    It is a platform to promote Angela as a singer, and she cannot sing.

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