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Top 10 Axioms of Kicking Business Ass

December 20, 2009

by Johnny Punish

1. Master your craft
2. Be a professional sales person
3. Know all the gambits in closing and negotiating
4. Be ambitious
5. Set Goals and make the commitment to reach them
6. Leave nothing to chance
7. Accept Winning Only. Losing is NOT acceptable.
8. Surround Yourself with Winners
9. Be a Good Person and Do Good in the World
10. Material wealth comes as a result of winning in business and investing. It’s not, in of itself, the main objective.

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  1. Hey man, dig your site, dig your music, and dig the post. Put a Facebook share plugin in your WordPress, cuz I woulda so shared this mang!!! Stay Suave.
    -Johnny Lanson

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