The Punish Prognosticator: NFL Semi-Final Playoff Picks

January 12, 2010


  • # 1 Jets Defense and these guys believe they are good
  • Chargers are excellent but not perfect plus did you see that LaDamian Tomlinson Dance Video …ouch!
  • 9 is too many points against a team on a roll like the Jets
  • Granted the Chargers are NOT the lowly Bengals but still Jets are a good team and they will fight all the way
  • Chargers will win it by a few as Rivers out manuevers the young Sanchez

Chargers 28
Jets 24

TAKE the Cardinals + 7

  • Too many points against a team that believes they belong in the Super Bowl again.
  • Saints are tough but they may be rusty and start slow causing problems.
  • Both teams are evenly matched. They are mirrors of one another
  • The winner will be the last one with the ball and Warner has  destiny on his side plus a date with the Hall of Fame
  • 7 points is too much against the defending NFC Champions.

Cardinals 37
Saints 36

Colts – 6.5

  • Joe Flacco is hurt and Ray Lewis can’t play QB
  • Flacco’s 34 yards passing was anemic last week against a broken Patriot team without its # 1 wideout.
  • The Colts are NOT broken and they have the Master of his Craft, the Great Peyton Manning leading that potent Offense
  • The master bludgeons the upstart and exposes the weakness

Colts 34
Ravens 17

Cowboys / Vikings – No Play

  • Cowboys are playing some mean defense and they look like killers out there.  Love it.
  • Favre is having a great season and I love his running game.  The Vikes D is stout
  • But something has to give and this one will be one to watch.
  • Who breaks? Wow! Its’ anyone’s guess.  A battle of wills.  The wiley old fighter Favre against a new tougher Romo.
  • Lay off the point spread on this one cause it can go either way and I don’t’ even like the over/under.
  • Lay off this game

Cowboys 22
Vikings 21

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