Lost Twisted Nixon Video Found

March 18, 2010 presents LEFT IS RIGHT, one of TWISTED NIXON’S signature songs from 1997. Brian Jay Cline (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Jake Skoor Wickstrom (Bass) Richard Abboud (Drums) and Johnny Punish (Yelling)

This footage was found in the basement of a Florida home by an advertising salesman who stumbled upon it while trying to find his golf clubs. He was so appalled by the content that he threw it in the trash and some wayward music history buff mailed it to one of the band members in a VHS format. It took months to find someone who could convert it. I mean, who has a VHS anyway right? What a pain in the &#%ing AS$. Enjoy one of their best songs ever!

Oh, that bald guy sleeping? Thats so real. We were playing so loud and this guy, whom we dont know, was just sitting on a chair fast asleep. It was amazing. So we put him on camera. No clue who is his.

Well the weight of the world is – FALLING
On my back I”ve been CRAWLING
The state of affairs is APPALLING
And the 6 o’clock news keeps CALLING

I’ve been trying to see the world through their eyes
Where black is white and day is night

Left is Right
Left is Right
Left is Right for me

Well negotiations been STALLING
The United Nations keeps CALLING
The skeletons you’re HAULING
Won’t hold you when your FALLING

I’ve been trying to see the world through their eyes
Where day is night and black is white

Keep your head in the sand and youll never know
What’s waiting for you in the depths below
Don’t believe everything that you read
Take what you want and keep what you need

Written in 1997 after Johnny Punish who was sitting at the Las Vegas Hilton Sports Book and was hit by the absurdity of the place. It absorbed him and he wrote the phrase “LEFT is RIGHT for me” on a drink napkin. That night in a studio in the seedy back alleys of Las Vegas, LEFT IS RIGHT was born when then lead guitarist, Brian Jay Cline, wrote the clever verses while Twisted Nixon added the melodies. Sung by Brian Jay Cline, Left is Right is clearly Twisted Nixon’s best ever in terms of a pop anthem. This song is the most requested song by fans.
Produced by Paul Hampton of The Skeletones

BAND MEMBERS: From Left to Right: Jake Skoor Wickstrom, Johnny Punish, Brian Jay Cline, Richard Abboud

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