U.S. Taxpayers Continue to Fund Foreign Government Against U.S. Interests

March 23, 2010
  • Israeli Policy: USA and U.K. interests no longer matter to her
  • U.K. expels Israel diplomat over killing as U.K. issues travel warning to Israel as state sponsored identity theft a real threat to U.K. citizens. Our friend and closest ally, the British, are upset over alleged use of forged passports by Israel putting U.K. sovereignty at risk
  • U.S. to consider travel warning to Israel as identity theft a government sponsored terror against U.S. Citizens
  • U.S. Taxpayers pay the bill as Israel sends it’s StrongArm-in-Chief to Washington D.C. to ensure it’s U.S. Taxpayer funded cash register stays full while they ignore U.S. interests
  • U.S. return on investment in Israel not bringing results. Insulted and ignored, White House considers next move.
Netanyahu addresses media after arriving on Capitol Hill in Washington on Tuesday.

LONDON – Today, Britain expelled an Israeli diplomat on Tuesday over the alleged use of forged U.K. passports in the assassination of a Hamas operative in a suspected Mossad hit.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told lawmakers that the diplomat, who has not been named, was removed following an investigation into the use of 12 fake U.K. passports in the Jan. 20 slaying in Dubai.

He said a British investigation found there were “compelling reasons to believe that Israel was responsible” for the forged passports.

Dubai accuses Israel’s Mossad spy agency of killing Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a Hamas commander said to have been involved in supplying weapons to Palestinians militants. Dubai police identified at least 26 suspects of an alleged hit squad who used forged European and Australian passports to enter the country.

Israel has declined to confirm or deny whether it was involved.

The explusion highlights the problem facing our friends in the U.K. and here for us at home namely, is Israel a friend or a foe? And should we continue to fund a rogue state that has policies that are NOT in our best interest?

While Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu covorts with the U.S. Congress in the face of a resolute U.S. Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton who is clearly at odds with his fundamentailist no-peace process and his anti-USA policy, we still act like Israel’s interests are in our best interests. Clearly, they are doing what they believe is in their best interest. The problem is that we are paying for it and not getting a return on our investment.

‘Insult to injury’
Miliband, speaking in the U.K. parliament, said Israel’s actions had put British nationals at risk and showed a “profound disregard” for Britain’s sovereignty.

He said the fact that Israel was a longtime ally with close business, personal and political ties to Britain “adds insult to injury” in this case.

The foreign secretary said Britain would continue to support Israel’s bid for security and stability, but that Israel’s actions had been completely unacceptable.

The country’s Serious and Organized Crime Agency has conducted an inquiry into the use of forged British passports, but is not involved in wider inquiries by Dubai police into the killing.

British officials earlier confirmed that Israel’s ambassador to Britain, Ron Prosor, met with Peter Ricketts, Britain’s senior diplomat, on Monday to discuss the case.

Israel’s foreign ministry declined to provide details of the talks, but there was no suggestion the ambassador himself would be expelled.

Diplomatic expulsions are a rare sanction against foreign governments. In 1988, Britain expelled Israeli attache Arie Regev for “activities incompatible with diplomatic duties,” a euphemism for espionage.

It also barred a second Israeli, Jacob Barad, from returning to Britain after his departure in 1987. Both men were suspected of coordinating Mossad activity in the U.K.

Britain also kicked out four Russian diplomats in 2007 over the country’s refusal to extradite to London a suspect in the poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko.

In London, Israel’s Embassy said Miliband had been due to attend a reception Tuesday to mark the refurbishment of the embassy building, but would not now be present. The embassy would not comment on whether a diplomat would be expelled.

“We can neither confirm nor deny,” said an embassy spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media on the issue.

At least 15 of the names used by the suspected killers match those of Israeli citizens who are dual nationals of Western countries. All have denied involvement, saying their identities were stolen.

Shortly after he was named as one of the British suspects, dual national Melvyn Adam Mildiner told The Associated Press that he thought he was picked because “I don’t have a Jewish-sounding name.”

It is suspected Mossad specifically targeted the identities of dual nationals. It is relatively easy for British Jews — and Jews from other nations — to qualify for Israeli passports if they meet the basic requirements set out by the Israeli government. It is common for people to carry valid passports from both nations.

In a recent speech, Eliza Manningham-Buller — the former head of Britain’s MI5 security service — said forged British passports had previously been used by the same country behind the Dubai slaying, though she declined to specifically name Israel.

Before the Tuesday’s announcement, Arieh Eldad, a lawmaker from Israel’s National Union — a hardline opposition party — called for the military attache of the British Embassy in Israel to be expelled in response.

“Nobody nominated them as the judges in our war against terror,” he told the AP.

And so, there you have it. Israel goes on it’s own path and insults our leaders while they expect us, the U.S. Taxpayer, to fund it. Wow, that’s ballzy!

Hey Israel, what are we getting out of this deal besides a slap in the face and rape of our pocket book?

With our economy in tatters and our lives at home crumbling, do we really need to pay for the adventures of a rogue state that does not our interests at heart? And what’s with the state sponsored identity theft? With friends like these, who needs enemies!

Our children at home deserve better. Our tribe comes first! Sorry Israel, no go! In 2010, this “special relationship” is just not working out.

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