Will Arizona Get Hit by a Economic Tsunami?

April 26, 2010

45 Million U.S. Latinos and Freedom Supporters Prepare to Boycott Arizona

Republican Party on Verge or Alienating Major Voting Block

By all accounts, the recession is subsiding and important leading sectors of the economy are recovering after the biggest recession since the 1930s. Yet while the country recovers, Arizona may get swept away by a wave they may not have seen coming.

Yes, it’s now widely accepted that Obamanomics is taking hold and companies are back in business. Momentum is growing and hope is slowly returning. But in Arizona, that move back up the ladder may be halted by a self-inflicted Economic Tsunami.

With 45 Million Latinos in the USA now alienated and affected by the State of Arizona’s new law calling for round-ups based on racial profiling, Arizona is now on the target list of major economic boycotts that could lead it down an ugly road for political and community leaders did NOT bank on when they pulled the trigger on this new nazi-esque legislation.

In fact, many U.S. leaders in business and politics are threatening to stop doing business with Arizona.

From U.S. truckers who deliver goods to Arizona, many of whom are Latino from the many U.S. States, to Major League Baseball who has a huge amount of Latino players who may refuse to play in a racist racial profiling State of Arizona, to the Mayor of New York City warning citizens to consider travel to Arizona as it may be too risky, to even the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, saying that Mexico, the 2nd largest trading partner with the USA may halt deliveries of goods, Arizona could suffer an economic Tsunami that may sink it for many years to come, maybe even decades.

After all, a compromise of the integrity of freedom and liberty for U.S. Citizens is not something taken lightly by those who cherish fundamental U.S. rights that have been protected under law

Almost everyone I speak with agrees that Immigration Reform is needed at the Federal level and the subsequent enforcement of Federal Law is absolutely needed. With my informal poll of friends on all sides of the ailes, there is an overwhelming majority that supports enforcement.

Furthermore, no one I speak to on either side of the border wants the status quo.

Mexico enforces its’s immigration law especially with American Citizens as they are required to get FM2 and FM3 resident cards to live in Mexico. ( These cards are similar to U.S green cards) So why isn’t it balanced? Many are perplexed as to why the USA does not enforce it’s law yet Mexico does.

Everyone wants the USA to enforce its law; well almost everyone except those that profit off cheap black market labor. I think what is mostly in disagreement is how to go about it.

Look if this legislation was designed to get the attention of Washington DC lawmakers, then mission accomplished, and kudos to those bold leaders who screamed and yelled and got DC off their partisan duffs.

But if this was designed to really be a move by a racist movement to get rid of brown people, then Arizona and those who hide behind a fear of a brown planet, well, you’re in deep deep massive trouble. This just won’t fly. We don’t live on an island by our people. We are surrounded by a rainbow coalition just waiting to be awakened. Racism may have been a HOT TREND in 1810 but in 2010, RACISM means you’re a fringe extremist not in line with the global realities of the 21st century. You might want to put that card away for some other future backward thinking twilight zone.

Worse, politically, the Republicans are in a quandary because Latinos are now a huge voting block and growing. They simply cannot align themselves anymore with racism and exclusionary fringe movements if their political ideas and agendas are going to stand. If they do, this would be a shame because many Republican ideas have serious merit and losing them to fringe movements that end up marginalized into the trash dump of “that was stupid” would be a disaster for all of us. We need balance in 2 party system and without it, we run the risk of democratized tyranny. Thus, alienating this super large and growing Latino voting block is extremely bad for the GOP and all of us.

Ignoring the Latino community is now a very risky political business. Big Business knows this fact and if the GOP does NOT get this in their collective heads quick like, they will truly regret their actions. Being known as the WHITES ONLY party will cost the GOP for years and years into the coming future. It will galvanize and united the opposition. The majority of America simply does NOT want a racist country. Aligning with racist movements is just bad for political business.

We got to get ahead of this thing before it gets way out of control and erupts into fisticuffs and maybe even worse. The moderates need to unite and put down the extremists on both sides.

This is no joke. It’s urgent and needs national attention right now before it explodes into a major hurt on all the good people of Arizona, the USA, and Mexico. Consider this article a public service announcement!

No one wants an Economic tsunami for Arizona but if they don’t back down, it looks highly likely that Arizona will get a direct economic hit right between the jaundiced political eyes. The casualties will mount and many people will be injured as a result. Recovery may take decades. We cannot afford this. Not now! Not at this time.

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