Gaza City

June 25, 2010


SONG:  The Story Behind “Gaza City”

Dedicated to the people of Gaza and Israel. Based on Trash City by Joe Strummer. This song was reworked and sung by Johnny Punish with background vocals by Charles and his cousin Alex Lozano. Recorded on Dec. 29th, 2008 just as the bombs keep dropping in Gaza from Israel. 


Gaza City (Strummer/Punish)

In Gaza City on Party Avenue
They gotta bomb and it’s dropping on you
In Gaza City on a transit line
Freedom on parole and it ain’t looking fineIn Gaza City on Party Avenue
They gotta bomb and it’s coming at you
In Gaza City on a transit line
They put you on hold and it ain’t looking fine 

The Bombing of Gaza (Dec. 2008 - Jan. 2009)

Sing you a song it’s the Holy Lands turn
Two thousand nine freedom fighters gonna burn
Garbage-Fundi-Men don’t care for peace or rock n’ roll
It’s five o’clock in Rafah and this bomb’s about to blow   

Halla got Falafel in a nightmare zone
Then got vandalized on her cheap cell phone
Crying to the people won’t you leave me alone
They makin’ war in graveyards on the peacemakers bones   

When they see your car at the Hammas mans House
It seems like a movie ’bout it ain’t no cat and mouse
It’s a living hell for all the kids on the ground.
The dead and dying souls and the stench is what they found. 

Moneychangers Cash an stealing the loot
While you and me an the people get the boot
Bombs a dropping fast boom away they go
Christians, Jews and Moslems say Bingo! Ringo! Way to Go!   

Yusef ran for cover from this human crime
but the bombs keep dropping and he’s got no time  

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