Iraqi Civil War

June 25, 2010

SONG: The Story Behind Iraqi Civil War

This song is especially dedicated to a long time friend and fan from our days at college, Mr. Allen Jennings (Nom de Guerre).  Allen served in both the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom as a member of U.S. Army Special Forces. 

Allen was on the Task Force 121, the team that caught the highest profile targets in Iraq including but not limited to Saddam Hussein.  Allen, who was born in Kuwait and speaks Fluent Arabic as his first language, was a primary interogator for Saddam Hussein. 

Clandestine and unknown his story is top secret and remains so thus his true name cannot be revealed.  Nevertheless, we are glad you’re safe and happy with your new family wherever you are.

This song was inspired by an Old Irish song “Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye” – that turned into “Johnny Comes Marching Home” – one of the most famous songs in American histroy. The Sheet music was first published by Henry Tolman and Company of Boston in 1863 and bore the dedication “To the Army and Navy of the Union.” Redone by many, this modern version has been re-written, modified, and recorded by Twisted Nixon with lyrics by Johnny Punish.

The music was arranged, produced, and mastered by Dan and Davide Cordero between November 10, 2003 and Nov. 21, 2003 at their Asi Es La Vida Studios in Xlauhuacan Jalisco Mexico.

The melody of this version is based on The Clash’s version of English Civil War circa 1978 with the lyrical tone taken in the spirit of the words written by the late great Joe Strummer and Mick Jones aka Jonesy. The song features the lead vocals of Johnny Punish and background vocals by Dan Cordero.

  • Written by Johnny Punish
  • Album “A Daring Escape from the Empire” (2011)
  • Based on Lyrics from Johnny Comes Marching Home (1863) and the melody from English Civil War by The Clash (1977)
  • Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Dan Cordero and David Cordero in 2003 at D & D Studios (Ixlahuacan, Jalisco, Mexico)


Iraqi Civil War (Punish)

When Fauzi comes marching home again, yell-la, yell-la
He’s coming by bus from Fallujah town, yella-la, yell-la
Co-operating with Americans Get’s a bullet in the back of the occupation
An it was just around the corner in Iraqi Civil War

It was still at the stage of stones & fists, yell-la, yell-la
When Wolfy’s place was beaten to bits, yell-la, yell-la
Rummy’s eyes would shed no tear
An GI Yusef screaming in fear
An it was just around the corner in Iraqi Civil War

There you are my soldier friend, yell-la, yell-la
Bagdad-nam in chaos again, yell-la, yell-la
Speaking in tongue for the clampdown gang
Get’s a bullet and a missile– BANG! BANG! BANG!
An it was just around the corner in Iraqi Civil War

When Fauzi comes marching home, yell-la, yell-la
Who do the people be-leave again, yell-la, yell-la
The sun is setting an Dickey’s hav’in fun
The clouds in the sky rain with Tommy Gun
An it was just around the corner in Iraqi Civil War

An the shadows keep fallin when Fauzi comes marching home
An the Bush Party Army is breakin’ down the door
An it was just around the corner in Iraqi Civil War!


* I heard the song – IRAQI CIVIL WAR. The music is great. It reminded me of Pink Floyd music. 11/23/03 Harry M. – Mexico
* That some punked up music man – 5/25/2004 Jeremy Bagwell, Dublin, Ireland
* As good as it gets – Rocks! – 8/8/04 Kathy Germaine – Barstow, CA., USA
* Johnny Punish rocks – 12/04 Joe Lee Ramstein – New York City, NY USA



The producer of Iraqi Civil War, Saddam Don’t Surf, and Renee and the Drug Squad, Daniel Cordero, who also is an a band called Psychostasia, performs the Famous Spanish classic performed by Daniel Cordero on acoustic guitar at the Exotica Disco-Bar in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. Awesome song—with some interesting changes and guitar work—recorded in front of a great crowd.

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