Outlaw in Disguise

June 25, 2010

SONG:  The Story Behind “Outlaw in Disguise”

Written and Recorded the first week in February 2009.  The words are written by Johnny Punish with the melody of the song based on the “My Secret Life” by Leonard Norman Cohen.


Outlaw in Disguise (Punish/Cohen)

Outlaw in Disguise
Outlaw in Disguise
As I look back through
those days long since passed
Freedom comes alive in my mind
And I’m slowing down fast

With the wind at my back
and a dream she never quits me
But the lawman is never far behind
feeding on my destiny

I steal from the rich
they all know my name
I disappear without a trace
That’s always been my game

A friend to the warrior
but I never get too close
Cause some of them may know my face
And I don’t want them to know

I’m on the trail to Mexico
they love me when I come
They know I come to spend my money
Senoritas dance I know

I’ll ride until they catch me
Make no mistakes si Señor
Cash me out this fools game
Before I hit the floor

And the fire wolves howl
do they have what it takes
As the winds of change whisper
whisper my name

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