The Johnny Punish Update

June 26, 2010


I am currently working on mixing and mastering 25 songs that will be going on to my first official solo record due out in late 2010.  It is titled “A Daring Escape from Empire”.

For mastering and mixing, I am working with Dan and David Cordero from D & D Studios in Guadalajara Mexico and Andy and Nelson from Black Dog Mastering Studios in Tampa Florida. 

We’ve already completed 2 songs “Reno” and Riding the Bus” .  You can hear them now at the right in the media player.  They guys are working on songs # 3 and 4.   Each song takes about 1 week to get done.   I expect it all to be completed within the next 3 months.

Once I get the music out on all the digital channels, I will follow it up with some live performance at select concert venues. I am so looking forward to getting out into the street to play live.   It will give me a chance to really rock it up….

In 2011, I am slated to work on my 2nd record which already has over 15 songs ready to record. I have tentatively called it “PunishMania”. Lots of music and fun coming….

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