Millions to Make a Daring Escape from U.S.A.

August 5, 2010

The American Dream Mexican Nightmare Reversing

Will 2,000,000 more U.S. Citizens Move to Mexico in the Next 4 years?

by Johnny Punish

Over the last 10 years, the dynamic governing both the economies and standard of living quotient for the United States of Mexico and the United States of America has been in massive flux.

Historically, the USA has been the land of milk, honey, and opportunity while Mexico lagged behind living in what some call 3rd world squalor.

But the roles appear to be switching very fast with the USA becoming the place NOT to be. On the other hand Mexico, via all international agencies that report on standards, is on the upswing.

Considering all the investments going on in Mexico from new construction to banks offering credit to consumers, Mexico is now becoming a consumer society with standards of living on the upswing while the USA is facing a long term future of lower standards.

Recently, I spent some time hobnobbing with some very smart men discussing this issue; Jonathan, a 51-year-old investment banker from Los Angeles, and Ben, a retired Construction Industry leader retired living on a boat in Mexico. Both men had very strong thoughts about the USA, it’s economy, and the freedom ideals.

Jonathon is quite bullish and believes that U.S. ingenuity will be coming back albeit slower than before while Ben, a retiree, does NOT think the USA will ever recover from that last 10 years of economic destruction caused by the recession.

Jonathon is thinking about investing in Mexico as a hedge against very slow growth in the USA, while Ben seems to be done with it and is going south with his boat to greener pastures.

Along the path in seeking what’s going on, I ran into a U.S. Expatriate named Rama Demetrius Dyushambee. Rama is a U.S. citizen and owner/manager of the YOUtopia INstitute, a Baja California Mexico based group dedicated to the ideals of freedom and spiritual healing. He says;

“Beautiful Mexico is where it’s at right now. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I can live here in peace and harmony. I no longer have Dept of Whatever Whatever, IRS, bullshit constantly in my face or in my mailbox. I don’t have to wait on the phone 30 minutes anymore- only to get to talk to an automated machine, making me ”Press 3 Now” twenty times; to get my financial, health, household, or legal issues straightened out. I don’t live in fear of 10 trillion dollar deficits ruining my life, or that of my children. I no longer am forced to hear about wasted corporate greed, or huge pork belly handouts coming out of my once measly paycheck. I now know there is much better out there. I do love the U.S; don’t get me wrong, but there is much more to this great big planet; and the United States, or Canada, isn’t the end all – be all of life. Life there plain old SUCKS in many ways. Wake up People – Mexico is NOT a 3rd world country anymore!! Quality of life here is so much simpler, rewarding, and happy, hands down.”

Also, consider the personal testimony from Lynn Rosa as she says “…it is really really the truth, I’ve seen, I am living it, I am truly scared for the future of my home country, the USA, and my kids and grandkids.”

Moreover, check out what Mary Sykes Wylie, Ph.D., Senior Editor of the Psychotherapy Networker has to say in her article “Has the American Dream Become Our Nightmare?”

The U.S. Embassy says there are over 500,000 U.S. citizens living in Mexico. Now, I know for a fact, that many do NOT register with the U.S Consulate in Mexico so I would put that number at over 1,000,000. And given the baby boomers coming online soon and the acrimony the U.S. continues to go through, I would NOT be surprised to see over 2,000,000 U.S. Citizens moving to Mexico in the next 4 years.

They only hope to stop a mass exodus from the USA to Mexico is the U.S. Media. And boy are they trying hard.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen a massive reduction in objectivity by U.S. Mainstream media bordering on non-existent and these media outlets have been bashing Mexico like they bashed Saddam Hussein with fake WMD’s making an inconsequential small-time tyrant into public enemy # 1.

Mexico is getting the old “Character Assassination” card played on her and most know it but cannot stop it. The U.S. mainstream media is out for blood and so it goes…

Now that’s not to say Mexico does NOT have real challenges when it comes to the U.S.A’s drug addiction and it’s subsequent suppliers who terrorize one another for control of the illegal drug market because there are challenges to meet. But it’s overblown beyond recognition for purposes only known to the insiders in the corridors of power within the USA.

So as you you consider a move to Mexico, first, maybe it’s time for us to rethink some of our deepest beliefs about the way the USA should work and how we should live our lives. Maybe you can change it from within or maybe it’s time to take a hike south and come to freedom!

Here are some other resources you may want to check out as you analyze and take a look at living in the USA versus living in Mexico

You can reach Rama Demetrius Dyushambee at his various web sites


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