The Skeletones to Shoot New Music Video at Undisclosed Clandestine Location

August 12, 2010

by Johnny Punish

At an undisclosed location and in undisclosed ex-military hangar used by a former dictator from a country that cannot be named, Steven Huffaker, Director of the infamous Spiral Dynamics Mockumentary begins shooting the new clandestine music video with The Skeletones this Saturday.

The song to be used for the video will be off their upcoming new record due out by the end of the year.

At this time, the management for The Skeletones are NOT releasing the name of the song for the video for it will be a shocking surprise.

All involved in the under cover project are in lockdown. All have been notified that any leaks to the press will be harshly met with tortureous punishments that are said to include an old table vice-grip attached to something that looks like a contraption from a James Bond meets Lady Gaga movie.

In case of any leaks, management has already prepared a disinformation campaign designed to take papparazzi snoops off the trail.

The disinformation campaign include news clips of Jonas Cabrera, lead singer of The Skeletones, being seen at an socialite event with Lindsay Lohan in Cannes France at the precise moment the video is being shot. (see actual real fake photo to right)

What the leaders of the campaign cannot confirm is that, if Lindsay Lohan is in jail rehab as has been widely reported, how can she be in Cannes at the same time with Jonas Cabrera sucking down Vodka shooters. Curioius ya think? Conspiracy theroy? Quite interesting……

Anyways, being that ace Director Steven Huffaker is known for his comic mockumentary style, the video is expected to be somewhat odd, bold, and witty with a rumored guest appearance by some infamous and notorious characters from the past, present, and future. So stay tuned for more details to come.

Out Standing in the Street, this is Radio Johnny Punish on Pirate Satellite…. Ska ya later!

Spiral Dynamix from Steven Huffaker on Vimeo.

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