NFL: The Punish Prognosticator – Week 1

September 6, 2010
49ers Even with SeaChickens
The class of the division versus brand new team
No way Seattle keeps pace.
49ers 30
Seachickens 12
Johnny’s Other Can’t Lose Picks
Cardinals  – 4 over Rams
Cardinals did lose leaders Warner, Boldin and Dansby
But Breaston is a good replacement for Boldin.  Good WR
Joey Porter , the replacement for Dansby, is still crazy.  
D. Anderson will be serviceble.   
The Coach is tough and the team will be tough
Rams have rookie QB who is very good but his team is still mediocre 
They lost their # 1 WR to injury.  Big problem. They are not good enough to win it .
Rams will be good next year when they build more around Bradford.
Cardinals 22
Rams 17
Giants – 6.5 over Panthers
Panthers are not good.
Giants are good
Giants 24
Panthers 12
Dolphins + 2 over Bills
Show me why the Bills are good.
I don’t see it. Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and Brandon Marshall are better
Dolphins 19
Bills 12
Lions + 7.5 over Bears
Culter has no WR to throw to.
His O line sucks
Lions are better this year
Lions 31
Bears 19

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  1. Tampa Bay entered with eight sacks, the fewest in the NFL. They have two sacks in the first 12 minutes.

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