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Meg Whiteman Feels Like California, Sinking Fast!

October 25, 2010

Billionaire Investor MEG WHITMAN Bullish on a Broken and Destitute California, Investing Gazillions!

MEG WHITMAN says INVEST! State of California Stock up 2010%?

by Johnny Punish

While there is NO stock market cap valuation for governments, based on investor and California Governor Candidate Meg Whitman, the stock must be up big time.

Meg Whitman has invested over $ 140 million of her own money to become Governor so she must believe in the stock.  I mean, this lady is a billionaire investor and she wouldn’t invest in a concern that would NOT bring back a return would she?

Meg Whitman must be at least expecting her $ 140 investment back and then some right?  So she must be bullish on California.

Now, State Attorney General Jerry Brown, her opponent has only invested about $ 10 million or so and it’s not even his own money.  His comes from political donors.  So he’s NOT invested.

What does Jerry Brown know that Meg Whitman does not?    Maybe, like the rest of us, he knows California is broke and so investing $ 140 million to become it’s Governor is NOT a good investment.  Or maybe Meg Whitman has some inside info that none of us have….maybe she got it from her undocumented worker/housekeeper?  Who knows?

Watch this Meg Whitman “Feels Like California” music video produced by Johnny Punish

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