20th Century Dictators Miss Historic Opportunities to Become Respected Fathers of 21st Century Countries

February 22, 2011

Many Arab Leaders Fail the 21st Century Test

Today, Dictator Muamar Gadhafi gave a vicious defiant yelling speech calling protestors “drug addicts” and saying foreigners are influencing them with money. This sounded a bit like former Dictator Hosni Mubaraek who last week gave a similar speech just before he was unceremoniously booted out from his glass palace.

You know a bit over 200 years ago, George Washington reluctantly served a second term. He refused to run for a third, establishing the customary policy of a maximum of two terms for a president.  Many urged him to stay on as president with some wanting him for life. But he said NO and gave the US a precedent to follow that Presidents serve the will of the people for a limited amount of time. And now, by all polls both domestic and international, rate George Washington, America’s greatest president because he refused to be King.

He’s the most highly respected American citizen and has been for over 200 years. A true father of the country….a legend with which we can all lay our heads on when we need a political shoulder to lean on.

Now fast forward to 2011 and the Arab world.

It’s exploding with cries for democracy, freedom and liberty. Yet, these morons who are stuck in the 1970’s did NOT get the memo.

These idiots could be the true fathers of the country if they would just heed the call to liberty and the future and recognize that they are NOT gods but mere men who are the custodians of people, fathers, mothers, and children. If they could just grasp this simple elegant concept, they would go down in history like George Washington with statutes, parades, people naming their children after them and a general historic respect that very few men in the world achieve.

But nooooooooo! Instead, these fools full of themselves with pockets lined with ill-gotten money posing as power have neither power nor money let alone any historic standing other than disgraced former leaders who live on the edge of War Criminal Mountain.

I am not a psychologist but a mere peasant with an email address and a keyboard, but even I can see that these knuckleheads are psychotic and completely out of touch with reality.

Tunisia? Gone! Mubarek in Egypt? Gone! Gaddafi Duck in Libya? He says he wants to die a martyr! I say the law of attraction is working and some one will give him his wish, to die as a martyr for greed, gluttony, and ego megalomania. Good riddance Muamar!

And now what will the rest of the 1970s do in the face of this Facebook future?

Will King Abdullah of Jordan get the memo and become like the Queen of England, an important part of the national identity whereby the people run the country but the Queen represents their best and brightest hopes? Or will he pull a Mubarek and tell the Jordanian peoples that he is the father and they are should bow to him while they have no voice in their own governance? Bahrain? Algiers? Syria? Iran? And the biggy, Saudi Arabia?

Is the Arab world ready for the future? Let’s hope the remaining Kings sign up for a Facebook account!

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