DRUG WAR: Law of Attraction at Work Killing Millions of Americans and Mexicans

February 16, 2011

Buy Guacamole Not Coke

U.S. Federal ICE Agent Killed in Mexico Highlights our Complete Drug War Failure

In the wake of today’s tragic ambush of two federal ICE agents in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi, many questions are raised…..

  • What are these guys doing in an armored car in someone else’s country? – and –
  • Why are we still hopelessly held hostage by this drug war?

At this point, with the drug war so old and moldy, it’s time we either go all out and get our military industrial complex toys out and invade Mexico – or – maybe it is time with start taking personal responsibility and start buying Guacamole instead of cocaine, meth, heroin and that evil Mary Jane.

While it’s tragic and the loss of life is never something to take lightly, the fact of the matter is that we, under the Law of Attraction, bring this bloodshed onto ourselves and we are the one’s that can stop it.

Admittedly, there will be those reading this today ready to post comments featuring the tired old “blame the brown people” or “deport the working guy who lives on tortilla’s and beans” or whatever racist bigoted non-cents convolution of the issue posing as a solution they try to project. But the reality, this is about personal responsibility. It’s our children snorting the coke, shooting the heroin, and downing the pills. Look in the mirror and we will find both the problem and the solution. We are the ones with the cultural problem, not Mexico!

Mexico is just this decades recent supplier. So if the hawks and their loyal goose-steeping followers are to invade Mexico and kill every drug dealer, it will only move the trade to another country and put billions into the hands of those that make our helicopters, drones, surveillance equipment, and whatever else we can manufacture and sell to the abused government of Mexico and its hard working under paid people. There is no way the powerful profit center of the drug trade will be given up just because some Right Wing Invasion Horny Think Tank says so. Total B.S.!

This is a U.S. personal responsibility issue, period!

The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest.

We need a “Buy Guacamole, Not Drugs” or a “Just Say Yes to Tacos and NO to Drugs” policy. We need smart policy, intelligent measured just policies and care for our own peoples and the peoples of Mexico if we are going to end this non-cents. Compassion, not hate or war.

We need to clean up our own house by legalization, massive medical treatment for addicts, and a “JFK to the Moon” style determination to educate our population and recondition the next generation to stop using drugs and make its use about as popular as a visit to the dentista.

Seriously, can someone call Rupert Murdoch at Fox and get him on board. I mean the Fox News Propaganda Channel has been brainwashing our population for over a decade now getting our people riled up about fake WMDs, Osama Bin Laden, and demonizing the enemy of the day. So maybe they can turn their matrix-esque machine on high power and start “brainwashing” for good instead of the evils of war and mayhem.

I am bored with the drug war. It’s old and moldy. And, we the people, of both the USA and Mexico need to get together and with a government partnership end it ourselves, in our communities, and in our streets.

Before you make your comments below, please watch the video herein that clearly and deeply explains the Secret and the Law of Attraction. Then, lob your comments at me and let’s get the party started

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  1. You make a good point, that as long as the demand exists someone somewhere will be the supplier!! If it isn’t Mexico, it will be someone else. Too much money is involved. Greed is universal and the so is the problem. In fact, much of the drugs coming thru Mexico and into the US originally come from other countries such as those in Central & South America. I personally lean toward legalizing drugs and putting the $$ now being used to prosecute into educational progams & treatment centers. I agree that tackling the demand problem is ultimately the only way to eliminate the supply problem. Good commentary, Johnny Punish!

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