Libya Inc. CEO Gaddafi in Violent Dipute with his 6 Million Slaves, opps Employees!

February 21, 2011

Employees of Libya Inc. have been rioting in the streets of Benghazi and Tripoli in a bid for democracy, freedom, and justice. Dam these Unions!

Global Stockholders of Libya Inc. Fear the Stock Value Worst

NYSE, Manhattan – In response to disrespectful unrest in Libya this week, the CEO of Libya Inc. the former terrorist, now respected statesman, Muamar Gaddafi, or as some at Disneyland call him, Gaddafi Duck, has decided that the workers are privileged to have him as their exalted fearless leader for the last 30 years as their boss and svengali.

Gaddafi Duck is so determined to make sure that this employees know how much he cares about their service to his power that he sent his Vice-President, his son, Gaddafi Duck Jr. to threaten his employees by saying that he will fight till the last bullet.

Now, you have to admire a CEO that is willing to completely crush his employees to save his prophets, opps, I am profits.

This guy is a heckuva guy. A man of character! An amazing dicktator among dicktators. He makes old man Mubarek look like an amateur in the evil Dicktator department.

I mean as I write this, this amazing man in a clown suit is bombing his people with Jets as hired mercenaries from other countries land from the skies of hell to fire on these employees, opps, I mean citizens, opps, I mean slaves…opps, I mean non-humans.

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All of this is happening with a back drop of oil barons who’ve invested in Libya Inc. waiting to make sure their stock investments stay in tact while these measely workers get offed by the guns of the Emperor. And while these people get mowed down by the machine, the western power brokers hail Gaddafi Duck as a reformed terrorist ready to give him the medal of honor for a job well done.

I mean Gaddafi Duck was the anti-Saddam. Saddam fought his masters in the oil zionist beltway and they hung his ass. What an idiot! Gaddafi Duck, for lack of better word “ducked” from the schrapnel and instead of fighting Ramsees II, I mean G. W. Bush, he made a deal instead. Smart guy! Boom! The Lockberbie killer was freed and Gaddafi Duck was now reformed just like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. “More Coke Please! Hail to Gaddafi Duck. Let’s invest” so said the power brokers at the last porno party for oil prophets hosted by BP and Exxon.

Libya Inc. Investor Tony Blair with CEO Gaddafi Duck in Shining Happier Times

But now, just like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, CEO Gaddafi Duck is doing bad things again. Opps! What we gonna do?

So many questions?

  • Will the Beltway Oil Thugs try to save him?
  • Will Gaddafi Duck go to rehab in Malibu?
  • What will the US do about his slave workforce? Nuke em?

With all seriousness, Muamar Gaddafi is a thug of the highest order. He is committing crimes against humanity beyond any reason. Where the hell is the U.N.? Obama? WTF! He must be immedaitely removed from his post as CEO and replaced by a human being. Is anybody home? Somebody drag him by his legs and let’s hang this SOB before he pulls out the gas chambers. “Hey honey! Go get my gun. It’s time somebody puts the pychotic predator out of his misery”

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