Joe Rogan Truth Talks War, Politics, and Military Industrial Complex

June 3, 2011

Warning: This video contain frank language that some people may find offensive. If you are one of those people, don’t listen.

MMA Promoter and Truth Activist Joe Rogan Speaks the Truth

Joe Rogan Tells It Like It Is

by Johnny Punish

When people say “support the troops” but aren’t fighting to bring them home and get the criminals who run things in check, I wonder how serious they are about helping anybody.

Joe Rogan speaks for those who can’t

When you’re in the military, you’re not allowed to have a public opinion.

You can walk out the door and get killed or maimed, but you can’t speak your mid if what’s on your mind is in opposition to the criminality of the people who run the show. The theory is that the military exists to protect our rights. Whether or not the theory and reality match up perfectly, many in the military do what they do because they pledged to serve and part of that service is to make it possible for people like Joe Rogan to say what’s on their minds.

And don’t think a lot of servicemen don’t agree with everything he has to say in this video. Here listen for yourself…..

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