Under Fire Arizona Sheriff Fans Flames of Racism Again

June 21, 2011

By Johnny Punish


Today notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Senator John McCain and announced that the horrific Arizona fires were “likely set by Mexican smugglers” with the operative word be “likely”; just speculation, no evidence whatsoever. Great! Another indictment with no evidence!

Knowing dam well that he lives at the epicenter of the new leading state for racism and with his GOP partiers looking to re-ignite the xenophobic immigration issue as an excuse to impose their flame and blame agenda, Sherif Arpaio let it rip.

One glance at the comments posted on the MSNBC story reveals that the racist fire is spreading quickly and the rush to judgement is, like the fire, out of control.

It reminds me when Oklahoma City bomber Tim McVeigh blew up the building and boom, the leading racist talking heads automatically starting blaming “arabs” and lit us all on fire. Yeah, talk radio was having xenophobic orgasams while ordinary people were looking for “arabs” to beat up. It was a special time in America!

Turns out, a white anglos-saxon homegrown U.S. Veteran did it! Opps! Sorry bout the beat down Mr. towelhead! Great job xenophobes!

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Now, that’s not to say that some drug smuggler lurking in the brush is or is not responsible for the fire. We really don’t know! No one knows. For all we know it was Senator John McCain, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, D.B. Cooper, or Sasqwatch who started it. We just do not know.

What we do know is that politicians in Arizona are well aware of the flames they fan. They are shrewd and targeted. They know exactly what they are doing. This is no accident. The racist fire burns because it’s in their best interest to burn it.

The only questions are;

  • will the American people wake up from this long ignorant and racist nghtmare and reject this 21st century xenophobia?
  • will the collective American public finally look in the mirror and take resonsiblity for its’ drug addiciton?
  • will Joe Q. Public differentiate between the drug war and the issue of responsible just and fair legal immigration?

At this point, sad to say, the odds are more likely that Gen. Colin Powell will appear like a Phoenix rising at an Arizona GOP town hall love fest with a cartoon drawing showing us where these “smugglers” are hiding the WMD’s while Sheriff Arpaio rides his rotund arce to the border to start offing anything that looks brownish while his militias clap all the way to crazyville.

Geez Us! What a Crashing Bore!

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