NFL WEEK 1: The Punishing Truth – Game Analysis

September 13, 2011
Player of the Weak: Donavon McNabb Goes 7-15 for 39 Yards with 1 TD and 1 INT


  • Giants are in trouble and so are the Cowboys led by relatively weak leaders. 
  • Eagles talent masks it’s weaknesses. That O Line is terrible.  And the D line and Linebackers mediocre.  They have time to find the right chemistry but watch out, the Packers won’t suffer fools easily.
  • Maybe Grossman is right?  We’re overlooking the Skins
  • At this point, it looks like the Redskins vs. Eagles for the Division Championship


  • The Packers are the team to beat.  Excellent O.  Rodgers was fantastic.  Until someone knocks them down off the top, it’s Packers to the dance. 
  • Vikings McNabb throws for 39 yards passing!  Great if it was the first drive but that was the whole game!  OMG, Vikings are in deep trouble if this continues
  • Lions will challenge and give the Bears and Packers fits
  • Bears D looks fa real
  • The top 3 here are in the top 10 teams in the NFL


  • Saints almost kept up with Packers.  That puts them in the Top 5
  • Panthers have a QB.  Can he keep it up for 16 games?  If so, they could go 8-8 this year and ready to challenge soon.
  • Falcons laid an egg.  Over-confident?  Probably. If they can’t keep up with the Eagles this week, the public shine on Ryans jersey turns to rust
  • Buccaneers are a good team that over-reached last year.  8-8 this year!
    This division looks like it belongs to the Saints again.


  • Rams are in injury pergatory.  And they have no WRs that scare.  Translation?  7 win season?
  • Cardinals have a QB again.  Finally someone who can play well.  That means the Cardinals are back and will take the division again from this mediocre field
  • 49ers have Alex Smith.  Good luck with that?
  • Worse, Seahawks have Tavaris Jackson, Good Andrew Luck with that?


  • Tom Terrific was amazing!  Brady controlled that game at the line of scrimmage, play by play, dishing out match up challenges and converting. Amazing QB performance
  • Jets can close but are they good enough to get to the dance?
  • Bills are much better than people think.  This team is built from the bottom up and they are angry.  Watch Out!
  • Dolphins wear turquoise.  It’s hard to take them seriously.
  • This division goes through Tom Brady, Rex Ryan, and maybe Ryan Fitzpatrick!


  • Baltimore.  Wow, finally dominated the giant of the division. Well done!  This team looks super
  • Steelers looked way over confident.  Their coach won’t like it and they will come back and compete.
  • Cleveland is still brown and dreary.  They will compete for Andrew Luck
  • Bengals have good talent and will be a decent team but they beat the Browns not the Patriots!
  • This division is still Baltimore vs Pittsburgh


  • No Peyton Manning, no playoffs for the Colts
  • Texans are now the class of this division
  • Jaguars and Titans could play 10 games againts each other and each will win 5.  But that’s all they will win.
  • Why waste time, give the Texans a ticket to the playoffs now


  • Kyle Orton was weak!  What the heck was that?  Broncomaniacs on the phone right now calling “TEEBOW, TEEEBOW!”  This was a horrible debut for Coach Fox.   It reminds when Elway played his first game.  He completed 1 pass!  The rest is history.   But in this case, it might be Orton who’s history.
  • Chargers are over-rated again.   Tight game versus a QB that throws for 39 yards?   Is this a joke?
  • Raiders played well, surprisingly!  They may have what it takes.  This could be the Raiders division to take.
  • Chiefs are a top 5 team in the Pac 12
  • Which lousy team takes this thing again?  Roll the dice!

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  1. well, arron rodgers had the game of his life against the saints. outstanding for sure. it won’t happen again. the saints had them on the ropes until the last play. i would say if they played again today, pcik the saints. falcons? what you seen is what you get. and did you see vick after he would do something good? you can take the N2222 ot of thr hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the N2222. he will guide the eagles to 10 &6, MAYBE!! oakland is the team in the afc west. chargers? as usual, stats but nothing else. when will they realise norv turner is not the answer? patriots? who can beat them? it’s thier year again.

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