NFL WEEK 2: The Punish Prognosticator – Picks of the Week

September 14, 2011





Ravens -5.5 Titans
Why are Titans getting respect like this. They could not muster much O last week and the Ravens dominated the AFC rep at last years dance.  A no brainer!
Ravens 35, Titans 13

Cowboys +2.5  49ers
Perfect game to play.  Weak 49ers coming off a win against lowly team.  Strong Cowboys team coming of a slight loss to a major Super Bowl contender.  Cowboys way underpriced
Cowboys 35, 49ers 17

Bengals +5.5 Broncos
Broncos impressed no one and Bengals showed they are better than people thought.
Bengals 27, Broncos 16


Bills – 3.5  Raiders
Raiders played well against a poor Broncos team
Bills routed a bad Chiefs team.
The home team gets the advantage in this rager and the winner will get launched with momentum into the playoff hunt.
Bills 27, Raiders 21

Bears +7.5  Saints
Saints can score quickly but the Bears D will rise to the occasion on the emotion of Defense leader Urlacher who lost his mom this weak.  Those kind of emotions are very powerful.
Bears 26, Saints 25

Browns -2.5 Colts
Both teams are bad and have issues.  Browns have Peyton Hillis and that is the difference in this one.
Browns 19, Colts 13

Lions -8.5 Chiefs
Two teams going in different directions.
Lions are believers and Chiefs were the over-acheivers.
Lions 31, Chiefs 16

Packers -10.5  Panthers
Cam Newton meet the Packers Defense
Until someone can demonstrate they can stop the Packers, just keep beating them.
Packers 31, Panthers 9



Buccaneers +3.5 Vikings
Until McNabb can throw for more than 39 yards in a game, go the other way
Buccaneers 24, Vikings 19

Jets -10.5 Jaguars
Jaguars could not close big against weak Titan team.  Clearly they are NOT very good.  Jets have all the talent and confidence for a knock out punch
Jets 30, Jaguars 16

Cardinals +4.5 Redskins
Both teams think they can play.  This will be a brawl and a close one. With Fitz on the field, watch out.
Cardinals 27, Redskins 24

Seahawks +14.5 Steelers
Whoa! Steelers are way over priced.  They got burned by the Ravens big last week and they have O line problems.  Seahawks have their pride and will fight.  But 14.5 way too much in any NFL game.
Steelers 30, Seahawks 17

Texans -2.5 Dolphins
Dolphins must still be in shock after that Brady barrage. 
Texans may be as good as the Patriots.  Dolphins can’t swim
Texans 31, Dolpins 24

Patriots -6.5 Chargers
Patriots on perfect at home on opening day with Brady.
Phillip Rivers is 0 – 4 versus Pats. Chargers barely beat a team with QB that through for 39 yards.  Imagine seeing Brady through for 400.  Forget this game.  Chargers outclassed big
Patriots 31, Chargers 20

Eagles -2.5 Falcons
Falcons embarrased last week will spark an amazing energy to defeat the Eagles.  Eagles coming off a relatively easy win where they did not play too well.  Both these teams see themselves as contenders so normally you bet the team that lost the previous week over the team that won.  But most teams don’t have Mike Vick and therein lies the difference.
Eagles 30, Falcons 26

Giants -6.5 Rams
Both teams have injuries but the Rams really have no talent.
Giants glide in this boring fest
Giants 23, Rams 9

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