Top Ten Punish Thinks

May 11, 2012
  1. I play the Monetary Economic System game because I must to survive. So I do my best to make it work. But theoretically, I know it’s flawed beyond repair if one is to truly make a system that is for all humanity. And so I live with it knowing what it does and how it perpetuates greed and suffering all over the world. And it makes me sad.
  2. I pledge allegiance to every human on the planet
  3. I do NOT subscribe to NATIONALISM. I find it an antiquated system that is only used to keep the wage slaves on their hamster wheels. Run!
  4. I would NOT “offend” for the USA or any country in a violent military battle. I don’t believe in killing for the global masters in the guise of freedom or democracy. I won’t kill in the name of ….
  5. I do NOT believe there is such thing as a Terror War. I know the fabrications must exist to perpetuate the system. Without it, the owners cannot maintain order and rake in their profits.
  6. I think the one party system in the USA with 2 factions sucks!
  7. Like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and most all of the U.S. founding fathers I am a Deist with a 2012 perspective leaning on science and reality.
  8. I subscribe to the reality of Evolution.
  9. I do believe the new Global Age of Enlightenment and Reason (GAER) is upon us right now and will be with us moving forward causing great introspection as the future generations look back at our times and before with great amazement and, in some respects, disbelief.
  10. I am truly concerned about global population and how it will affect human life here in the next 100 years. Either we will have a SUPER CLASH or a nice transition to a new paradigm. I hope for the latter but I am betting on the former which distresses me greatly.

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