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Earthbag Punish: Grey Water Filtration

September 23, 2013

Here’s my Grey Water Filtration system at Earthbag Punish

In our area, we have very serious water challenges.  Our rainfall is relatively low and the local agri-wine business sucks up all of the water.  In lieu, at this project, we set some reasonable goals to conserve and respect the water situation.


First, we aim to harvest the rain water during the season (Dec. – Mar.).  Thus, we installed galvanized metal roof material on the main buildings that are NON-toxic and clean.  Later this year, we will install gutters to catch and bring the water into storage tanks behind the house that will connect to bio-sand filters.  We will filter the water when needed and put the water into our main water tank that delivers the cleaned water to our house for showers, sink and cleaning laundry.


This week, we install our first NO water compost toilet in our guest bathroom.   This system saves tons of water usage during the year.  More on this later.


Once we use the water for shower, sinks, and laundering clothes, the grey water flows into several filters and then into a final storage tank that has a pump.  With a switch, we can turn it on and, with a hose, water the landscape, wash off sidewalks or even wash the car; all guilt free because it’s all recycled water….very cool system.

Basically, from the master suite and kitchen, the water flows into a centralized pure rock pre-filter where the “big pieces” get stuck.  The water then flows into a long shallow bio-sand filter that has plants that eat the dirty bacteria.  Once it finishes in the first bio-sand filter it flows into a another deep bio-sand filter and then into a storage tank buried underneath in the ground.   The storage tank has a pump and a hose attached whereby we can turn it on and use the water for whatever use is needed; washing the car, watering landscapes, etc….

The water from Master Suite shower and sink, along with kitchen sink flow into this full rock pre-filter.  Once it fills it flows in the long bio-sand filter that will be filled with plants.  The plants eat bacteria in water and clean.  The water then flows into the 3rd filter (in background) and then into an underground filter where a pump brings it up into a hose and we can wash car or water landscape.


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