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The Joint on Isla Mujeres adds Johnny Punish Music to playlist

September 19, 2019

The Joint on Isla Mujeres, an Island off the coast of Cancun Mexico, plays the best reggae music. They have awesome live bands that get you in the groove to relax and really enjoy the Island Life at two locations… on the road South to Punta Sur and Downtown.

Oh, and now they have just added 3 of my Johnny Punish reggae songs to their playlist; Cup of Joe, Knockout and Super Knockout. Pretty cool right?

Free Music Downloads: Cup of Joe KnockoutSuper Knockout

Yeah so I visited Isla Mujeres last week and found The Joint on a very cool island road on the way south towards Punta Sur. Had a super great time hanging out. Its literally the best place on the island to enjoy the music mon! Perfect

Now The Joint is also a bar and grill. They have Mexican cuisine, fresh local seafood, ceviches, & traditional Caribbean island favorites such as jerk chicken and burgers. Nice beer selection & bucket specials, served ice cold! Specialty cocktails- such as frozen mojitos, & margaritas. They serve breakfast too

As soon as you arrive you know right away that they have that Bob Marley reggae ethos of “Don’t Worry, Every Thing is Going to Be Alright”


Oh….They also sponsor an annual Roots, Rock & Reggae Music Festival every year in November on Dia De Los Muertos Nov 1- 3, 2019. It is called IslaGotSoul.com. This year, it’s to help benefit the women of the Island. Click below and see the line-up and schedule of events.

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