Socialism: Is America Having the Correct Public Debate?

February 23, 2020

Are You A Socialist?

Are we brainwashed lemmings?

I mean I hear so many saying Bernie Sanders is a “socialist”; using it as a derogatory term. Why? Even those in his own party are doing it. WTF?

Bad News folks!  Turns out, we’re all “socialists”.  In fact, there is NO SUCH thing in our world as a country without “socialism”. There is NO SUCH thing as a country of pure “capitalism”. This is all non-cents! The truth is there are “levels of socialism” or “levels of social programs”.  But here we are engaged in a public “He’s a socialist” and “I am not a socialist”.  It’s complete B.S.

Truth is, Bernie Sanders and his movement want more social programs for the working classes. The Trump Party wants less for them and more for the corporatocracy. Yes, there is corporate socialism folks! It’s called subsidies.

Please tell me you are aware that Boeing gets $ 13 billion per year in corporate welfare. In fact, we the taxpayers’ fund almost $ 100 Billion per year in corporate welfare? Alcoa $6B, Intel $ 4B, GM $4B, Ford $3B, Shell $2B etc.. Why? Are these corporations “lazy” like the lower classes the GOP Fox News talking heads love to bash and their lemmings love to parrot?

So why do we get this non-sense phony public debate? Why?

I mean the correct appropriate public discourse should be;

  • How many social programs do we want from our government?
  • How much for “We The People?
  • How much for the corporatocracy?

Well, in my independent voter analysis, I believe the corrosive Machiavellian King Donald of Orange is very effective in labeling. He is a pure predator; a pure sociopath with an amazing focus on the prize.  He is extremely effective in labeling.

Of course, his cues come from his willing GOP Fox News Corporate Propaganda Machine that some call The Trump Party TV Channel.  They label all the time knowing their viewers will parrot.  Heck, they even label themselves as “News” and the lemmings swear by it.  Yeah, really… they believe that non-cents is News.  Now that is some effective stuff that would make the Nazi’s proud…

“Paging Mister Paul Joseph Goebbels, Mister Paul Joseph Goebbels, please!”.

Paul Joseph Goebbels was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest and most devoted associates and was known for his skills in public speaking and his deeply virulent antisemitism, which was evident in his publicly voiced views.

We’ve been violated!  Yes, you… you’ve been violated!

Now don’t get me wrong here… Democrats use propaganda as well.  Most of us here already know the media has been completely corrupted by the corporatocracy. I don’t think most readers are delusional. It’s just, at this moment in time, the Trump Party players and their media wing are just doing it better.

So yeah, let’s keep having this ridiculous “He is a socialist and I’m not” debate cause the Idiocracy loves you! And don’t forget to collect your Social Security check tomorrow.  And just as you’re depositing it into the bank, just remember to scream “I’m NOT a socialist!”. We can all use a good laugh at the Idiocracy table!

“Anyone have any Brawndo?  It’s what plants crave!”

Oh, and one more note…

Before anyone tries to label me a “lefty” to justify their fealty to the Brainwash Machine, be advised, I am and always will be an independent voter. I am NOT loyal to any party or person. Sycophancy is just NOT my bag baby! I just prefer to live in reality and not engage in non-cents. So deal with it!

In fact, I will leave you with my song “The Violation” (Free Download).  I think it says it all to the brain washed on all sides…in a rockin’ way.  Follow the lyrics then after you’re done… let me know what you think?

You think you’re so right
Yeah ya think you’re so left
And you think you’re so smart
But you act like all the rest

You cannot see
What they do to you and me
Blinded by the lights
camera action you’ve lost the fight
cause you….

You’ve been violated
oh so so violated

It was a….
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

You think you’re so right
And you think you’re so left
Yeah ya think you’re so smart
But you’re such a freakin’ mess

They got you to watch one side
You quote them all the time
Like a puppet on their string
It’s the chorus you shall sing

You’ve been violated
oh so so violated

It was a…
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Don’t stick your tongue at me
I’m not your enemy
I will not piss on your back and tell you it’s raining

oh oh so violated

you were…
ah weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Now go eat your sliver of bread and enjoy the show
Written, Performed and Produced by Johnny Punish
* Special Guest Musician: Lead guitar by Stefano Andrigo of Milan, Italy


*  This article first appeared on VeteransToday.com