Trump’s Poker Game: What’s going on?

November 20, 2020

by Johnny Punish, inspired by Edward Norton

The game he is playing is NOT for $$. It is for his safe exit. TRUMP knows he is in deep multi-dimensional legal jeopardy and this defines his every action. Will power let him off the hook?

Consider his gambits…

  1. A Tactical Delay of transition to buy time for a coverup and evidence suppression
  2. A Desperate end game to create enough chaos and anxiety about the peaceful transfer of power and fear of irreparable damage to the system so he can cut a Nixon-style deal in exchange for finally conceding


But does he have the cards? No, he does not.

His bluff after the flop was called in court. More bluffs coming. They will need to be called on.

We The People cannot allow this mobster to bully the USA into a deal to save his ass by threatening our democracy. His play is junk. Call him on it.

His contemptible, treasonous, seditious assault on the stability of our political compact is NOT a play for enrichment but to use chaos and threat to the foundation as leverage to trade for a safe exit.

NO DEAL! We cannot flinch this time. This game must end with his public destruction.

*This post inspired by the son of a federal prosecutor who deals in this arena daily. Thank You for your learned tweets Mr. Edward Norton.


This song was written about SORE LOSER Donald Trump, former U.S. President, who lost the 2020 US Election and went full belligerent claiming he won and telling his supports lies about election fraud while filing suits that got thrown out of court for lack of evidence making a mockery of the USA and Democracy.


Sore Loser, You’re such a friggin coward
Sore Loser, Barricaded in your tower

Everyone’s to blame
When you lose your ass in a poker game
Talking heads with a Tommy Gun
Grift all day but you lost and you’re done

Just another scam
A Trumpian circus kickin’ Uncle Sam
An I don’t wanna play
Cause your Panem and Circus is not okay

Sore Loser, Can’t you see the scoreboard
Sore Loser, Oh you’re such a friggin maggot
Sore Loser, You lost now get out

You’re the one to blame
And you a member of the hall of shame
So get off my lawn
Pack your bags you lost get gone

You lost fair and square
But you pout like a child and you don’t care
Because it’s all about you
It does not matter who you screw ya screw

Sore Loser, What the hell is wrong with you
Sore Loser, Don’t you have something better to do
Sore Loser, Go away you psychopath

Biden Won, You Lost
Biden Won, You Lost

Sore Loser
Sore Loser, The world is watching
Sore Loser, You’re such a friggin maggot
Sore Loser, Pack your bags Jacko
Sore Loser, Hey I got the disinfectant
Sore Loser, Oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhh
This is not your house

Written, Performed, and Produced by Johnny Punish
Extra Guitars by Stefano Andrigo (Milan, Italy)

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