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Punish Reviews New Music Playlists on Spotify

June 20, 2021

I love listening to new music.  Sometimes I get that itch.  Yeah, being an impatient type, sometimes, I can really get bored of older stuff especially when that’s all my friends play over and over and over again; songs from their high school days.  Sometimes, I just need that shot of new energy.

Now don’t get wrong, I love older music and many times go back back back and listen to all kinds; from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s.  Heck, I can go back to classical 18th-century stuff ie.. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart etc.. But sometimes, I just want to hear what’s happening right here, right now.  And so I search for excellent playlists on Spotify that can take me there.

I usually find them when I release a new song and my song gets added to a playlist that I have never heard before.  So I go there to check it out.  I see my song and I am like, that’s so cool. Then I play the songs in the playlist.  Most of the time I am pleasantly surprised.  Before I give you my review, I want to thank the following playlists on Spotify for adding my song “Ramshackled” to their playlists.  And now to my review of their lists.


Playlist:  Ultimate Indie Jams
Curator:   MccFunk
Punish Review:  The modern indie jams and fresh finds, updated weekly by MCCFUNK.   An excellent playlist for those seeking out new music.

Playlist:  Man In A Suitcase
Curator:   Rock Fueguino
Punish Review: This is pure rock!  The curator is clearly rocking hard down in Argentina.  It must be that cold Patagonia weather.  It’s just making this playlist wanna to catch fire and heat the world up.  Or it could be all that Chimichurri. 

Playlist: Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
Curator:  WeLoveLo-Fi
Punish Review:  The music there is really exciting, super interesting, and eclectic.  Thank goodness. If you’re into good new music, search no more.  Click and go for it. I am listening as I type here.  It’s excellent music… so pleased.

Playlist:  Beyond The Strait
Curator:  From The Strait
Punish Review:  Beyond Canada, beyond North America, this list has killer tunes from the rest of the world.  I love hearing from musicians and bands from other parts of the world.  The talent is epic.  So much.  It’s mind-blowing.  We have never in history had so much access to so much talent and so easy to reach.  Love it.

Playlist:  Metal on the World
Curator: Roadie Metal
Punish Review: This a playlist that presents new bands that produce great works. Styles are varying leaning on the rock side.  If you’re in mood for guitar rock, then click here and enjoy.



Here’s what other curators on Spotify have said about my song Ramshackled in full and unedited.  Because I don’t have permission from the curators to post, I have left out their personal names and playlists. I just wanted to honestly post what others are objectively saying about my song Ramshackled; the good, bad and ugly.

  • Lovely! This is a beautiful piece with expressive vocals and melodies. The main issue I have is this song is a tad bit too mellow in style for the channel at times. But I love the well-crafted melodies and solid instrumentals here.
  • Good song, but for me personally it sounds a bit too Classic Rock.. I’m afraid it wouldn’t fit any of my mostly psychedelic or experimental playlists. I’m very sorry.
  • Really liking the bright and soaring textures in this, has a cool vibe to it. But felt it needed something more distinct about it to really stand out to me. Sorry but good luck!
  • The song has a very interesting rock production. Melodically though, I personally didn’t feel enough of an emotional connection with the track to feature it on this occasion. Nonetheless, it’s a unique sound.
  • You’ve got a personality! the ideas of the song is nice but it needs some improvement.  Sadly, the vocals are slightly off-tune.. the male voice has too much reverb. The production and the mix are too “homemade” and are really below the level of your competitors.  We’re sorry.. it’s just an honest opinion. This is why we did not choose your song. Hope to hear more music from you.
  • Hey there! Great job on this song! Nothing really wrong with it or anything like that, it just doesn’t fit the style I have in mind at the moment. keep up the amazing work! Let me know if you have any questions
  • Hey some great guitar tones here yet the vocal style and more spacey vibes didn’t fully mesh with my lists in the end
  • Sweet tune. a little too dark sounding. The bass is really smooth and defined however and the synths are airy. good feel to this one
  • Great energy, powerful vocals, and the lyrics full of sense. Really good job! However, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work well in my playlist. Wish you good luck and many new listeners. Looking forward to listening to your other tracks. Cheers, Dmytro
  • hey, I love the songwriting on this, but honestly, the intro was too long.

Source:  SubmitHub.com

Special Thanks To Bloggers and SoundCloud Playlisters for Giving My Song “Ramshackled” a Shout Out…