Meet The Worst American in the History of the United States of America

January 6, 2022

Congratulations America, it’s one year after Trump’s attempted coup and the institution of Democracy is still with us.  But truly, it’s now very clear how close the USA came to living under Chairman Trump and his dream of a one-party autocracy.

And it got me thinking.  Where does Donald Trump stand in history?  A great man?

For me, my opinion of Trump has gotten worse, far worse.

Before his attack on Democracy, I had him in the bottom 10 of US Presidents, certainly well above James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson, both of whom wholeheartedly deserved their bottom standings; the first gave us the U.S. Civil War 1860 and the latter, gave us 100 years of Jim Crow laws, just after our greatest US President Abe Lincoln.

But Trump takes the cake now all by himself!

His seriously dangerous and democracy crashing attempted coup on Jan. 6th puts him solely at the very bottom of U.S. Presidents, passing both Buchanan and Johnson by far.

And now, one year later, this psychotic dangerous lunatic is still pushing his Big Lie, stealing hard-earned money from those Americans who still breath this horrible con-man’s ether, putting him in the rarest of air, alone at the very top as THE WORST AMERICAN IN HISTORY!