Almost Mint Condition 2016 Ford Focus SE for Sale

July 5, 2022

I’m selling my 2016 Ford Focus SE with 94,000 miles.  $ 9,900 USD

The car is in almost mint condition. Super fun to drive! Quick off the line, great around hard corners; peppy all the way.

In February, I bought it from the original owner who had economic issues. After 90k miles, transmission needed service. He could NOT afford it. I restore cars. So I put in a brand new clutch and programmed TCM (Transmission Computer Module) properly using the official Ford Diagnostic tool. Now, the transmission will take it another 90,000 miles. BTW, 2012-2016 Ford Focus uses dual-clutch system. It’s basically a manual transmission with the computer that does the shifting for you making it an “automatic”. It’s smooth yet feels like a Euro sports car; fun to drive. Efficiency gives it outstanding gas mileage; about 36 MPG.

I also replaced the bad door sensor (rear driver side door). I replaced the EVAC system sensor (emissions).

And the roof had deep scratches on it; probably from someone putting some sort of rack up there; deeper than clear coat so buffing is NOT an option. I have access to a paint facility. So it has a brand new paint job too (original color). No accidents on this car! None! The only thing I have yet to find is a tiny plastic thing that is missing. When you lift the back hatch, it has two strings that hook to the side of the hatch lifting the back cover that shields the view of what’s inside your back trunk area.

It’s just a vanity thing that popped off; not critical to anything mechanical (see pic). It probably costs $ 10 or less. I am looking for one now. I restore cars to the best of my ability. The ethical and integrity test for me is “would I give this car to my daughter?”. The answer is YES! Someone is going to get an excellent car and a really fair market price.

That’s basically it. Car is located in Murrieta, CA, USA, and available to see any day from 12n to 4pm. If you need an earlier or later appointment, just ask, and I will arrange it. Please contact me with any questions and I will be happy to share.