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FREEDOM: Retire in Mexico, Riviera Maya Edition with Expat Judi Shaw

December 10, 2022

Host Johnny Punish welcomes 20-year ex-pat Judi Shaw where together they explore the do’s and don’t s of retiring in Mexico and how to live relatively free in our free world in 2023

Judi Shaw is Canadian but has lived as an ex-pat in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for over 20 years.

She owns and operates her own Real Estate Brokerage in Playa Del Carmen called   She helps newbs realize their own hopes and dreams of living in Paradise.

On the show, Judi graciously shares her experiences both good and bad to help others navigate the question “Should I Retire in Mexico?” and “How best to make it happen?”.

To see all Judi Shaw has to offer, visit her at or just send her an email to:  [email protected]

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