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NFL Should Put Team in Mexico

Again, the National Football League is holding a regular season game outside of the USA. The hapless San Francisco 49ers play the rudderless Denver Broncos on October 31 in what looks to be a scary match-up between two teams going south almost as fast as the marketing “gurus” at NFL headquarters.
With over 110 million Mexicans, the NFL should be going south of the border, not sideways.

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Meg Whiteman Feels Like California, Sinking Fast!

While there is NO stock market cap valuation for governments, based on investor and California Governor Candidate Meg Whitman, the stock must be up big time. She’s invested over $ 140 million of her own money to become Governor so she must believe in the stock. I mean, this lady is a billionaire investor and she wouldn’t invest in a concern that would NOT bring back a return would she?

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Follow the Money: Why the US media is attacking Mexico

Mexico is in a unique position to reap many of the benefits of the decline of the US economy. In order to not violate NAFTA and other agreements the U.S.A. cannot use direct protectionism, so it is content to allow the media to play this protectionist role. The U.S. media – over the last year – has portrayed Mexico as being on the brink of economic collapse and civil war. The Mexican people are either beheaded, kidnapped, poor, corrupt, or narco-traffickers. The American news media was particularly aggressive in the weeks leading up to spring break. The main reason for this is money. During that two-week period, over 120,000 young American citizens poured into Mexico and left behind hundreds of millions of dollars.

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