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USA Officially Joins the Corruption League

Almost 10 years after 9/11, the business of terrorism and fraud still flourishes worldwide and is showing no real signs of slowing down. The latest U.S. version of this reality game continues to have Osama Fake Laden as it’s central figure although his character is waning in popularity. Heck even the U.S. President is no longer mentioning his name. What is more prominent now is the recession and it’s bansksters who stole the goods and those evil democrats who gave them the bailout even though it was the republicans, or are they same guys? Whatever! … Continue readingUSA Officially Joins the Corruption League

NFL Should Put Team in Mexico

Again, the National Football League is holding a regular season game outside of the USA. The hapless San Francisco 49ers play the rudderless Denver Broncos on October 31 in what looks to be a scary match-up between two teams going south almost as fast as the marketing “gurus” at NFL headquarters.
With over 110 million Mexicans, the NFL should be going south of the border, not sideways. … Continue readingNFL Should Put Team in Mexico