I am a writer, musician, performer, and producer. Over the last 10 years, I have been working on making music that matters. I love to write stuff that inspires me, moves me…makes me want to get up and shout. I love living the inspired life. I hope it comes through in my music.

My background in music? I saw Elvis when I was a kid. Does that count? I also played the Nursing home circuit when I was 9. I toured with my turntable and lip-synced for the fans. It was a great way to start.

I have also been in an underground punk rock band (Twisted Nixon 1996-2002). I owned a record label producing the 3rd Wave SKA band The Skeletones. But now, I am pushing my personal artistic boundaries into the 21st century creating diverse music.

I also engage around the world as a global social justice warrior and political activist and a syndicated writer with over 500 articles published around the world on matters of politics, foreign policy, and human rights.

As of 2020, I have over 100 songs written and produced. My music is available on all digital platforms.

Oh, in 2004, I created and found, an independent blog dedicated to bringing attention to the truth on the global stage featuring 100s of the most independent alternative media writers on planet earth.  VT is focused on international foreign policy, trade, and the clandestine activities of governments and their assigns.  It has over 100,000 articles published with varying often controversial points of view.  This is tough stuff.



Since 2000, I have written and produced my own music from my home studio using the latest technologies that allow for expansion of ideas and new directions exploring the tough themes that commercial pop artists normally can’t or won’t touch.  I love to work with other talents when possible. I believe it really expands the art and takes it to amazing places.  That’s my favorite part of creating…


As a cyber journalist and activist, Punish has penned over 500 articles on freedom, liberty, and justice around the world writing opt-eds for his and blogs.


ASCAP member Johnny Punish songs have appeared in movies such as Paul Bright’s 2012  sci-fi indie movie “Goliad Uprising” (Cup of Joe, The Magnificent Afghanistan, and Gaza City).

I have done other media including the locally famous and high acclaimed Bad Brad and Johnny Punish Show; a music talk radio podcast show at the Mojo Zone Studio in Playa del Carmen Mexico (2006).

For my “day job”, I am a CEO running a global media company serving up global foreign affairs issues and news on domestic U.S. policies partnering with other outgoing media and peoples of like mind and spirit.  In addition, I run other media in local markets for different market niches including which serves the wine industry of Mexico.


In 2020, I finished working on building and promoting my signature eco-building project, Hacienda Eco-Domes; a Bed and Breakfast seeking 100% self-sustainability using dirt and plastic bags along with solar power, recycled water, and other eco-techniques that make cents.


Born in Bronx NYC, USA 1963 to a mother from the Holy Land and an Italian American father from Brooklyn New York, I consider my nationality as the whole world. A self-declared global citizen pledging allegiance to the earth and everyone on it, I reach out to all mankind for peace, harmony, and justice.

Educated at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the USA and within the California State University system, I know business well.

I spent my early adulthood chasing green checks and the “American Dream”. Feeling misled and empty, in the mid-90s, I checked out of the material world and into the realm of reason, enlightenment, and humanity. I have never looked back.

In the so-called third world, I choose to work with underprivileged communities where I currently live donating time with kids sports and other community activities that add value to the overall global tribe.

Married for over 30 years with grown children and lots of grandkids, I am no longer at war with the world but a family man who lives in peace on a dirt road with chickens. Through my music, writings, and community activities, I will continue the good fight for global justice, human dignity, and respect so that I am part of leaving a better world for my fellow man. It’s the least I can do.


So if you’re a fan of the common man; a passionate person and activist, get back on my Punish bandwagon. Just remember to jump when it’s looking like I am driving it off the cliff again!  Just sayin’…LOL!  Enjoy my friends!