Johnny Punish Quotes

Infamous Quotes by Johnny Punish


“MONEY will never buy HONESTY & INTEGRITY. Only Character can do that”

“EMPATHY only exists as far as one can see. Unfortunately, too many of us are blind”

“If you live life long enough, eventually, you get hit by its shrapnel”

“The dignity of man stands far above one’s financial worth or income”

“Don’t fight the wave! Ride the wave!”

“Justice without Leverage is NO justice at all”

“There is no US vs. THEM. There is only US”

“I find finance a necessary bore”

“Our human arrogance is only eclipsed by our ability to invent GODS to explain something we know NOTHING about”

“Unable to inspire by idea, oppression must resort to the gun”

“When we put someone down to prop ourselves up, we sink ourselves to the rock-bottom”

“Those who engage in humiliation will be ultimately humiliated”

“Leverage is key to success. If you don’t have it, go get it.”

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