WE’RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS, song dedicated to the Gaza Flotilla Peace Peoples

Inspired by the fate of the Gaza Peace Flotilla as Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara Rachel Corrie peace ship on it’s way to provide aid to the needy in the occupied and oppressed prison camp that is the Gaza strip, Johnny Punish rips open a wound and exposes it the anti-septic light. Exposed and without clothing, Johnny Punish declares that we’re all Human Beings and peace, freedom and justice for all means just that, for all, and not just the chosen few.

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Palestine Freedom Songs

Check out WE’RE ALL HUMAN BEINGS; a rock pop song about and inspired by the Gaza Flotilla Massacre.
If this issue interests you, please read more especially about Ken O’Keefe’s and his adventures on the Gaza Flotilla. He was on the Gaza Flotilla and was personally attacked by the commandos.

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